well yeh my 1st day at home and iam loving it!been so bisy all ready been chrissie shopping heaps ehhehehhe:) mummy's brought me so much i feel so bad! butyhe cant wait, i cant wait till its all hot and the real chrissie hols r here omg there gonna b awsome and adam comes home in only 2 weeks know cause his in china!lol ewwww 2day i fainted:(:( cause i took my belly ring out and 4 some reason couldn't handle it, dunno y but yeh
da tomsons come home soon iam soooooooooooooo excited ehehehheheehhehehhehhehhe well iam off mum'lb home soon yeh:) hopefully wif somefin yummy heheheehhhe
have good hols catch ya's ;)


omg ia m soooo scared, iam going 2 5 days!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH its like its not real! ia m startin 2 get REALLY REALLY nervous know, iam starting 2 feel sick thinking bout it!!!!
iam gonna miss everyone sooooooOSOOOO much! and adam how are i gonna cope! iam starting 2 cry already! iam so pathetic! but ia m only going 4 7 weeks so i guess thats not that bad just a long holiday! but with out the ones i love! omg i hae 2 go ia m gonna burst in a min!
and wateva u's think of adam after the other night espeicaly lol i LOVE him soo much he is soooo good 2 me and i dunno wat i'll do if we eva eva eva break up! i love him sooo fkn much!:):):):):)

wat is happening???

our group of friends is falling apart:(, no1 cares bout each other nemore, every1 is backstapping each other, wat is with this??? all i want is 4 us 2 b close and care 4 each other!
& by the way i DO know wat every1 has been saying bhind my fkn bak, i am not STUPID!every1 just thinks ia m this little dumb blonde girl who has no idea and think we can just all bag the CRap through her, she wont know, shes 2 dumb,and wont find out! well sorry guys I DID!! and i am fkn hurt as:(:(, i thought we were all freinds well oviusly not ey?cause true friends would neva say that bhind there bak! adam is a good guy and wouldn't do nething 2 hurt me, none of u's can posibally say u's know him!!AT ALL!! i know wat u's all think, i found out 2day and am soo hurt:(:(, u's probably wonder how i found out??well its amazing how words do get around and r not all made up!and NO it wasn't mahlie, bause i know wat u's all think of her so she'd b the first 2 get blamed, but it wasn;t.
well ia m just gonna try and 4get about it all and go on, there's no point in being down, i've had enought of people making me down!i've been in a really good mood lately, and not letting this let it down!
bye byz
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my hols have been pretty good untill last night
when i was talking 2 kate on the phone and she tells me shes
not going 2 france!! i've neva felt the way i did when
i hurd that....it hurts that much i dont know how
2 put it in words... all i can do is cry...it hurts
soooo much, and especially that the fact i only chose 2 go 2 france because she wanted me 2 and said it would b heaps fun and how were going 2gethere n stuff..i was acully sort of looking fwd 2 it..... y did she do this 2 me??.. i dont get it.. everytime i go 2 talk about it i have 2 swallow and try and not let all my pain and anger come out. IHATE IT!! :(:( i've neva felt like this wif her b4.. shes my best friend!!!!!!!i dont understand and i guess i neva will and will neva eva 4get this. i know she feels bad but how do u think i feel.. wat am i going 2 do??????i have 2 go, i can't back out, and i know every1 will have there little say on this 2 like "oh know wats she gonna do with out kate"blar blar blar and yeh..
well everything else couldn't b betta between me and adam i like him sooooo soooo much, it feels like love already:):):)he stayed ova the other night and i've neva eva woken up wif as good feeling as i did:):)
well ia m off tea's really
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omg i haven;t written in here 4 ages well i acully didn't think it worked but neway, i've had a good past few weeks, my french dude's ere his pretty nice and he such a little cutie hehe and pretty funny 2 but yeh, i am so scared 2 go there know i dont wanna really but i can't say nefin 2 mum or dad:s but yeh owell hopefully it'll b good and he has a brother my age KOOL!!!!:):):) and i worked out y he is 17 cause he got keep down last year so yeh..
adam makes me so happy, i really like him alot.. i dont get 2 c him much but mayb thats a good thing in 1 way, so we dont get sick of each 2 soon but yeh i like him heaps:):):) i dunno wat ne1 else thinks of him no one says nething so i dunno if u guys like him or not but hopefully cause his a really kool guy:):):)
hehe there was a tennille on the radio hehe
well dont have much else 2 write, i just read erins one and i dont understand y(if ur reading) u think that me and kate dont talk, or want u around i dont understand??????? cause thats not true ur one of my closest friends
ahhhh ia m home alone wif alex :S:S i dunno wat 2 do:Sahhhhhh hehe oh oh my aunty had a girl!!! yeh!! i was sooo wanting a girl badly and i am going 2 c her 2day:):):)hehe
well ia m bored and my family's all out
bub byz


wowwww haven't writting in here 4 whiles owell, well yeh my life is finally getting betta, i know how caras feeling at the moment i went through that stage 2 but if u read these cara dw luv it'll get betta just wait k?trust me!
and yeh well i dont think i've changed? have i? mayb i have but i dunno.
omg my life has been so bisy at moment i dont have time 2 fink i swear! and plus ms murison doesn't help she hates me i swear and u's all know that i dont understand y, wat did i do? shes hurts me alot!:( y does she b so mean 2 me?i hate it:(:(

yes its christmas eve!!

omg chritmas eve ALREADY!! wowwwwwww this yr flew past soooooooooooooo quick!!omg!! but yeh MERRY CHRISTMAS every1!!! and hope yas all have good hols 2 who eva reads these! owell neway i am going away in 2 days ehhehe wif cara its gonna b soooooooooooo sooooooo sooooo fun:):):):)!!! hehehe the posty just came in his santa suit!!!lol omg his a fool! but owell well yeh can't b bothed writting in here ne more so cyas all

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omg i finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg omg omg i finished no more exams so more stress and best of all noo more skool!!!yes!!!!! freee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):) and its holiodayss!!!!!!!!! well i am off now that's all i wanted 2 say!!

i am soooooo happy!!!!
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hello peoples!!how r we all??? well i am acully happy:) there is 2 mayb more reasons but yeh omg i got my hair STRAIGHTNED!!!!!!!!OMG!OMG!LOL hehehe well u dunno how long i have wanted my do this 4!!seriously!!omg like all my life! and i dun care if it bit buffy or no1 likes it at the moment cause i just can't belive i have STRAIGHT hair!!:):):):) it feels like a dream and the lengh omg were did that come from it has grown heaps and HEAPS! in yr 6 i cut it really short nad omg lollolololol wowww neva again and now it is the complete opposite! hehehe well yeh and its blonde well acully i didn't know it was that blone with out the foils but yeh owell:):)! lol i just blabbed on about my hair 4 like a paraghagh when really it ant that great but owell ha 2day people would look at me and then turn around then quickly turn around again it was funny seeing there expressions!lol and yeh i guess gg woulda got that 2 when she got hers gone hehe hers looks sooooo kool i want it!lol! owell so wat yas doin on w/e???
i gotta get few more pressies!!:S hmmmm yeh well i think i like some1 but i am not saying heheheehe and dont ask either plz!hehehe:):)
well betta stop blabbering hey and boring ya but yeh ohhh there is 1 thing that is bothering me and that is not being friends wif ingy i mean i like him his kool and everyfin (and not in another way) just friends! but yeh owelll hopefully we will become closer friends!
k well luv yas all!!
bye byz:)

howdi peoples!!

omg i haven't written here 4 a while! but yeh well last week was a really shit week and yhe well sofar this week is heaps betta!!!:) even though its only monday but still owell! yeh on da weekend i went 2 katys at like 10:30 in my pj's it was pretty funny but yeh and we made some moon dust and it was even pink:)and we made some people buiscits hehe they were soooo cute lol!! well they were!
then sat went 2 highpoint wif mum and sis 2 do some chrissie shoppin so dat was fun!!:):) and yeh then that night i came home yeh home and sarah came ova cause parents were at a party and sis so yeh only me, sarah and mitch! and yeh we watched sherik omg that cookie iss sooo cute i want him in my pocket!!hehehe and yeh then sunday had rowing regatta and we won:)and den me and katy won a medal hehee in da 8 so yeh i was happy but then jess went spaso :S and yeh then i made a flower angel its soooo cute ness hehe!!!!
well yeh last week i was really sad and lonely but yeh totally ova it so bad! so thats good cause i am happy now so yeh:):)
well dont have much else 2 say but i am getting my hair on thurs!!!:D:D hehe i am soo happy and the thing wif megan thats soo good so far and i hope she does it as in gets ova it cause shes soo nice:) so yeh well ctach ya's!! and good luck 2 every1 in exams!!

luv ya's
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